About Brett Shoemaker

Brett Shoemaker Coffee Pays The Bills

I am Brett Shoemaker, an independent Organo Gold distributor based in RICHMOND. I work in and around the area of Houston and also have an online Organo Gold Store.  http://coffeefix.organogold.com.

I am excited to tell you about RICHMOND Organo Gold, a coffee unlike any other. Whether you usually get your coffee at RICHMOND grocery stores, Houston diners, or Richmond espresso drive-throughs, I invite you to try Organo Gold Ganoderma Coffee.

Ganoderma Coffee, is not only tasty, it is bringing the miracle of Ganoderma to RICHMOND.

Organo Gold coffee contains Ganoderma Lucidum, an herb that was discovered 4,000 years before Houston was every built. This special herb has many key ingredients for all RICHMOND men and women.

Organo Gold uses the world’s second favorite beverage (after water) to deliver the goodness of Ganoderma to Houston coffee drinkers.

I would love to make you a hot cup of Organo Gold so you can experience it for yourself. Give me a call at 8328761577 to try Organo Gold  in RICHMOND.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Brett Shoemaker
Independent Organo Gold Distributor
8328761577 iambrettshoemaker@gmail.com

Organo Gold also offers an income opportunity in RICHMOND that is as simple as inviting friends over for coffee.