MLM Top Earner Brett Shoemaker shares why OrGano Gold is one of the best opportunities in the entire Network Marketing & Direct Sales Industry. COFFEE is KING!!!

Hello Network Marketers, Home-Based Business owners & entrepreneurs!! I am Brett Shoemaker and excited to share with everyone “Why I chose OrGano Gold.” Four Years ago, after being involved in the Network Marketing arena for some time, I found myself looking for a vehicle that could truly offer the masses of American people an opportunity to build a highly profitable business quickly, while simultaneously building a solid RESIDUAL Income to ultimately create Financial Freedom. Of course most Americans refer to the current state of the U.S. economy as a RECESSION or DEPRESSION. Real Estate is down, and unemployment is at a record high. Unfortunately, chances are you even know someone who has recently been laid off. However, here is the good news…. Despite this economic label, the reality is that these are the times that opportunities surface and are very prevalent for those individuals that are outside the box thinkers. After looking at several opportunities and seeing different trends..


Leverage of Network Marketing?

OrGano Gold has created a business model around COFFEE, which I believe is the BEST PRODUCT EVER DESIGNED for NETWORK MARKETING. There are two Primary Reasons Why:

  • Ease of Marketability through FEE SAMPLES & ITS
  • Product that creates a SOLID Residual Income

COFFEE is subconsciously Purchased & Habitually Consumed DAILY…. How you may ask??


Even though I didn’t even drink coffee 4 years ago I couldn’t resist the Facts When I took a serious look purely from a business perspective.


1. Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage after water!

2. Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity after oil!

3. This is not just a commodity in the United States, this is a GLOBAL COMMODITY.

4. 75% + of people over 18 consume coffee.

COFFEE IS KING! The Current Market potential is INCREDIBLE! After becoming a Top Income Earner in the Network Marketing & MLM industry, I have seen & studied what sets certain organizations and companies apart from the rest of the competition and have taken the responsibility in Leading this Global COFFEE CRUSADE which we refer to as COFFEE DEREGULATION. It is a crusade to let people know that there is a BETTER WAY. A way to earn a living and create RESIDUAL INCOME building a Franchise-Like Home Based Business within a highly traded Commodity. A commodity that is not only the 2nd  largest traded commodity, but also happens to be an addiction whereas we offer a healthier alternative!! I am passionate about this concept of “Coffee DeRegulation” because it truly offers Fellow Americans and Global Humanity, the ability to exercise Free-Enterprise. The culture that made the United States of America “The Land of Opportunity.”

That being said, I don’t care a person’ race creed religion or background. I am simply looking for those men & women around the WORLD that are looking for a HOME. A home where a One Team, One Dream, Family based core exists and is not just “Stage Talk.” A family of individuals that are excited about having found a True REDEMPTION Company that stands fast on the principles & philoshies that created the opportunity. And I am proud to say that my wife and I, Michelle Shoemaker, we have built the Most Admired Organization of Leaders in the World through our example, wonderful leadership team, support, training, & cutting edge innovation. That being said, I am looking to partner with a person or organization that has a heart for people, and a Passion about offering people an opportunity that can put an end to the LIMITED LIFESTYLE that has been created by the system and provide people a vehicle that has helped so many others experience DELIVERANCE!!! If this sounds like you, ITS YOUR TIME. Lets get started!!

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