How To Start A Coffee Business

Starting A Coffee Shop Makes Sense

When most people research how to start a coffee business, the first thing that typically comes to the top of their mind is starting a coffee shop. Let’s face it, the concept makes perfect sense if you look at the exterior. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Tim Horton’s have created a fortune selling overpriced coffee by marketing and branding themselves as the best choices when it comes to consuming a cup of retail gourmet coffee. The wholesale cost of purchasing the coffee beans, grinding them, and brewing a fresh pot leaves room for astronomical profits. So when an entrepreneurial person thinks of starting a business, opening a coffee shop seems to be very lucrative, especially if this particular business owner has a passion for coffee and wishes to deliver a gourmet coffee product with the finest coffee roasting processes that they can find through their experience and research. Not to mention, how easy would it be to sell your potential coffee shop customers how you take pride in creating a custom environment with a stellar product that more suits their individual needs whereas the big corporate outfits do not have the ability to make those accommodations. You may be reading this saying to yourself, “That is exactly what I thought!” If you are looking to start a coffee shop or coffee business and any of what has been stated so far relates, I would like to offer some important things to think about.

The Costs of Starting A Coffee Shop

Although successful coffee shops monthly revenue may seem extravagant, they come with quite a cost. There are real estate costs that must be paid and in most cases are contractually obligated for a given period of time, usually ranging from 1 to 3 years. Commercial real estate can be extremely pricy. Even if you get fortunate enough to find a location for your coffee shop in your price range that you are comfortable paying and committing to, odds are that it is not going to be in a high traffic, easily accessible location. After you jump this hurdle, you have to create the right environment inside your coffee shop. This will require a significant investment in artwork, furniture, rack and shelves, and possibly refrigeration depending on the vast array of gourmet coffee products or coffee related products that you choose to stock. Once that is completed, now comes one of the most difficult and sometimes the most restrictive challenges when it comes to opening a coffee shop or any business for that matter. This challenge is finding the right employees that are as concerned and passionate about your mission and vision and willing to work on retail wages in the process. Without this, most business owners become a slave to their own business because they must be there to provide and protect their investment from those that may just be there collecting a check from their coffee shop. Many times, this drives small coffee shop owners, and business owners alike, right out of business.

How To Create The Perfect Coffee Empire

Now, if you are reading this and saying to yourself, “I thought this may have been a good resource in helping guide me into starting my own coffee shop, but it seems like this may not be a good idea,” I would like to give you some hope. There is an alternative to this. Over the last five years, I have built a coffee business empire that ranges from the continental United States into several other countries. I do not have a brick and mortar store; however, I have customers that are raving fans about my coffee products, many of which even get paid commissions to share their favorite products with others. If this sounds like something you would like to hear more about, please join our mailing list or feel free to watch a brief training that I have done on what I am referring to as Coffee DeRegulation to those that are looking to get into the coffee business. You make click on the link or go directly to the site at .


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