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Todd Schlomer

Todd Schlomer

Todd Schlomer is MLM PAID

September 2008 My Lead System Pro (MLSP) was created through the network marketing experience of Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanales and Todd Schlomer. Todd states, “The best thing about MLSP is that we get to help tens of thousands of network marketers across the globe improve the quality of their lives.

The stories our members have about how MLSP has helped them are truly amazing. That’s exactly why we created MLSP in the first place; and is why we continue to build and add new features that will help even more people in the future.”

Before the creation of MLSP and even before the success in network marketing that Todd experienced, he worked for IBM.

While working at IBM he still made it a prerogative to work on the side, creating his businesses and network marketing success that was necessary to have met his fellow cofounders, and in turn creating a medium from which others like you and I could be empowered in tools for our business.


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