Organo Gold Opens in Japan and Italy

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OG Global Master Distributor Shane Morand came in near the end of the call to impart to us 2 important announcements. The first is a verbal invitation to come and be surprised at the company’s second international convention at New Orleans! Now who wouldn’t be coming to such a big and extravagant event? This is OG CARES New Orleans 2012! And Organo Gold has a lot in store for us all!


Organo Gold Opens In Japan and Italy

Organo Gold Opens In Japan and Italy

The second announcement made was about two more countries that we welcome to the OG worldwide family this week! Today, we will be welcoming the Land of the Rising Sun. Once everything is sorted out today, we will be opening OG JAPAN! And then this Wednesday, we will be opening in another beautiful European country. We only have to wait two more days and we will be able to welcome OG ITALY to our worldwide family!

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