This BIG Question is “What is it that successful people do in Organo Gold that contributes to their success?”

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This BIG Question is “What is it that successful people do in Organo Gold that contributes to their success?” I get this question from new distributors, prospects, and fellow industry leaders who are intrigued with the success of our distributors.  Maybe you have even pondered this question yourself.  I believe that everyone who starts an Organo Gold Distributorship wants to be successful.  We all know that success is measured in different ways.  Customers who try our products and have great results are successful; distributors who retail OG Products are successful.  Distributors who have sponsored their first two distributors and began their Dual Team are also successful.  But there is yet another level of success [in OG] that many want to know about. Holton Buggs

At the July 10th Super Saturday, a lady asked me, after seeing the recognition, “How do I get one of those Eagles?” For those of you who attended, you know what she is talking about. For those who did not, the Eagle is the recognition piece that is awarded to all Sapphires and above who attend the VIP Super Saturday event. It personifies that you have taken the first step of leadership and belief.  So how does one become a Sapphire?

The following are common activities performed by 90% of the Sapphires and above who attended the July 9th Sapphire and above Leadership Training:

1. They had a clear vision of what they desired to accomplish in Organo Gold and were not easily distracted.  Successful people are usually on purpose: Most unsuccessful people will allow life to get in the way of their goals and they typically find themselves going in directions they never intended to go.  Remember the acronym for FOCUS, Follow One Course Until Successful.

2. Sapphires are products of the products.  They had all ordered and tried every product that OG sells.  They have personal testimonies which allow them to speak with confidence with regards to OG products.  Diamond Consultant Marianne Noad said “If you only knew the power of Ganoderma, you would share these products with everyone you know!”

Sapphires are prepared for their business to grow, therefore they keep an adequate supply of OG products in anticipation of starting new distributors fast.  Remember most successful people have perfected the art of collapsing time frames.  “Why have a new excited distributor wait a week to get their product when you can sell them their first two boxes to sample. I teach my Sapphires to sell at least a case of coffee per month and to have their autoship set up for the 1st of every month”. This is a quote from Blue Diamond, John Sachtouras.

3. Sapphires stay in the creative stage of the business.  The creative stage is the continual building of a prospect list.  Most of all Sapphires have created a prospect list of at least 100 potential customers and distributors. Most have 50 coffee drinkers and 50 opportunity seekers.

“I recognize that this is a numbers game and that everyone will not have the same interest in Organo Gold as I did.  That’s why I allowed the law of averages to work for me.  My 1st meeting I invited 100 people, knowing everyone would not show.  I was right. I sponsored 16 Distributors that night.  I have never had to invite that many people again.  I knew I would eventually talk to 100 people about OG, so why not do it now.  I know that most people share the OG story every now and then.  I wanted to create momentum, and we did.” This is a statement made by Diamond Consultant, David Imonitie.

4. One of the most common attitudes shared among the Sapphires and above is the ability to get new distributors started correctly.  When Emerald Consultant Casey Nilsen went Emerald, she mentioned that she will set up 4 Coffee & Jazz Mixers (CJM) for new distributors after they have created their list of 100. A Coffee & Jazz Mixer is a very casual presentation of the OG products and marketing plan that is typically performed in the distributor’s home.  Most distributors set a goal to have at least 10 prospects at each of the four CJMs.  Edwin Haynes, Diamond Consultant says that there is no better way to get a new person immediate success at getting retail customers and sponsoring new distributors than at a CJM.  The atmosphere is so comfortable because your friends are familiar with you and your home.  When they start sampling the coffee that is where most people take an interest and presentation becomes fun.

5.  Brett and Michelle Shoemaker, Emerald Consultants say that the system is the reason for their success.  Global Master Distributor Shane Morand says that Good companies are people Dependent but Great Companies are Systems Dependent. OG has stepped into Greatness.  100% of the Sapphires at the Leadership Training attend events.  Events are a part of the system that will educate you and put you around the other winners.  If you want to win, know what the leaders know, you should go where the leaders go.

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